Industrial Biotechnology

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At the Division of Industrial Biotechnology (IndBio), our aims are to produce chemicals, materials, energy carriers and food ingredients using enzymes and microorganisms. In this way we contribute to the development of a bio-based, sustainable society.

Many important products are already today produced in industrial scale biotech processes, and in the future, many more products are expected to be produced by microbes and or/enzymes. Industrial biotechnology as a field is growing rapidly, because it offers a renewable alternative to petrochemical production.

Our research

Through the integration of different bio-based processes into large-scale biorefineries, we can convert cheap and renewable resources such as plant biomass (lignocellulose) into a palette of products. We focus our research efforts mainly on developing novel efficient and robust cell factories, and discovery and utilisation of new biomass-degrading enzymes.


For master students we always have available MSc thesis projects.

Students interested in doing their thesis projects at IndBio are also welcomed to contact any of the individual principal investigators of the division to discuss other project possibilities.

Every second year we offer the PhD-course: Industrial Biotechnology for lignocellulose based processes.


Vacant positions at IndBio are listed on Chalmers Vacancies. We often accept guest researchers, and you are welcome to contact any of the individual PIs to discuss such possibilities.

Our Research Topics

Research Topics

The research performed at IndBio is diverse, and a majority of the projects fall within these four topics: Biorefinerie...

Research Groups

Franzén forskargrupp
Franzén Group

Our research deals with development of robust bioprocesses for production of biobased fuels, chemicals, and microbial cu...

Geijer Group

In our research group, we explore the huge yeast biodiversity in nature with the aim to identify and characterize non-co...

Larsbrink Group

The research performed in this group mainly focus on enzyme discovery coupled to detailed biochemical characterization,...

Nygård Group
Nygård Group

The overall aim of our research is to accelerate the design-build-test-learn cycle for making novel or improved cell fac...

Olsson Group

The research theme is to design and apply enzymes and microorganisms in a biorefinery context or in the fermentation ind...