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Illustration of the composition of lipid nanparticles

In Maggie Holme’s group, we combine knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics to study nanoparticles formulated from lipids. We characterise the composition and distribution of lipid molecules in synthetic and naturally occurring nano-particles, analyse their structure from the ensemble to single molecule level, and apply our findings to design new lipid nano-particles to study, diagnose and treat a range of diseases.

Currently, we place special emphasis on

  1. building RNA and DNA-containing nanocarriers which mimic the asymmetric lipid composition of naturally occurring extracellular vesicles, and
  2. using them to develop new nucleic acid therapies.

We achieve this through cooperation between experts in physical sciences, life sciences and medicine, both within our group and also through collaborations with academic and industry partners.

To study how complex mixtures of lipids are arranged in these nanocarriers, we require state-of-the-art technologies. One such technology is small angle neutron scattering, which can only be carried out at a handful of specialised facilities across the world. Sweden is currently investing billions of Swedish Kronor into building such a facility in Lund − the European Spallation Source (ESS).

Over the coming years we will develop research tools to make full use of this world-leading facility, including novel ways to formulate lipid nanoparticles, new instrumentation for experimental setups during data collection, and computer modelling techniques to interpret the collected data.

Upcoming opportunities

There are several upcoming opportunities within the group in 2023, partly supported by recent funding from the SSF (Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning) “Future Research Leaders FFL-8”.

These include:

  • PhD positions: Up to three funded PhD positions available.
  • Post docs: Up to two funded post doc positions available.
  • Masters and Undergraduate students: Projects with emphasis on learning about how to make and study lipid vesicles, small angle scattering techniques for membrane biophysics, and/or designing new drug delivery vectors.

If you are interested in discussing these further or in applying for a Fellowship to join us, please get in touch via holmema@chalmers.se.

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