Education at Life Sciences

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Researcher working with microorgansim colonies on an agar plate

Undergraduate education

Chalmers undergraduate programmes are conducted in Swedish only. Read more about the programmes on the Swedish page "Hitta program". 

Master's programmes

Biotechnology, MSc

Studying this master’s programme, you will focus on the interface between chemistry, biology and medicine, with engineer...

Innovative and sustainable chemical engineering, MSc

In a rapid and ever-changing world, the role and impact of modern chemical processes have never been more important. But...

Materials chemistry, MSc

Since the dawn of mankind, materials have defined us, and played a central role in human development. The ages of stone,...

Bachelor and master's thesis projects

Bachelor projects

The bachelor's thesis is the first really big piece of work you do as a student during your education. In addition to applying your knowledge in mathematics, science and technology, you will get to work in project form and present the results both orally and in writing.

The bachelor's projects offered at the Department of Life Sciences, as well as at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, are presented in the learning platform Canvas:

BTX11 & KBTX16 Bachelor thesis selection 2023

Master thesis projects

Available master's thesis projects at the Department of Life Sciences

Doctoral studies

One of Chalmers' most important tasks is to carry on research on a very high international level and to inform society about this research.

The Department of Life Sciences coordinates the Chalmers common graduate school Bioscience.


Do you want to develop methods for a better strategy for our health and environment? Then you should apply for a doctora...

Graduate courses

Here you can find Chalmers' PhD courses. Sort by department or research school. Graduate courses given by the Department...