Erik Feuk memorial fund (Schneider)

You are welcome to apply for a scholarship from the “Fond till minne av Erik Feuk (Schneider)”!

Chalmers students and researchers involved in studies or research in the fields of low-, medium- and high voltage engineering can apply for this scholarship.


Application period: January 20 - March 15, annually.

Your application should include a personal letter with the following:
• Motivation as to why you should be awarded the scholarship
(• How the trip brings in-depth knowledge of the subjects)
(• Name and purpose of the conference, as well as time- and travel plan should be specified when applying for funding for a conference or a research visit.)
• Amount applied for (SEK) including a detailed budget
• Which program you are studying and the term/semester, or your department and research-group
• If you are a student, please specify your bank and account details (including name of the bank, clearing- and account number). This is not required if you are a researcher.

The fund does not cover costs for food and allowance.

No retroactive grants will be given to cover attendance at conferences that have taken place prior to the announcement of the fund.

Application: Link to application form. The application form opens up in a separate tab. Please note that the link only works during the application period.


Birgitta Rorsman
  • Administrative officer, Management and General University Support, Chalmers Operations Support