Edith and Egon Plomgren donation fund

Architectural students who want to make a study trip for their thesis project can now apply for a scholarship from the fund.


Application period: 15 December 2022 - 10 February 2023

The study visit must take place after the Fund has been announced (Dec 15, 2022).

A personal letter including the following must be attached to your application:

• Motivations as to why you should be awarded the scholarship, see the fund's criteria
• The purpose of the study trip and how it provides in-depth knowledge to your thesis work
• Travel plan and schedule
• Amount applied for and cost estimate
• Program and semester
• Bank and account information (including bank name and clearing number)
• Relevant grade reports.

Application form: Apply using this link. The application page opens up in a separate tab. At the bottom of the information page you will find the button "Ansök", which will take you to the application form.


Birgitta Rorsman
Handläggare at External Collaboration, Research and Innovation Support