Alfred Ots Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the scholarship fund: Supporting Estonian residents who are Estonian citizens, to study engineering or architecture on bachelor's or master's level at Chalmers University of Technology

Available to

Estonian citizens residing in Estonia to support their studies at Chalmers University of Technology.

Fields of Study: Unrestricted - all of the current Master’s Programmes at Chalmers.


The scholarship amounts to 50 000 SEK per student per semester (10 000 SEK/month for 15 months).

Master's students can apply for scholarships for up to 3 semesters and have the possibility to apply for an extension forr one additional semeste, making it a maximum of 4 semesters.

Bachelor's students can apply for scholarships for up tp 6 semesters. If you are applying for bachelor's studies, contact Peter Andrekson for more information (using the below contact information).

Peter Andrekson
  • Full Professor, Photonics, Microtechnology and Nanoscience


Scholarship application deadline is normally in January each year. For information on this as well the documents needed when applying, read more at Tallinn University of Technology.

Decisions are announced in the spring.

Submit your application to

The Alfred Ots Scholarship is announced in Estonia in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology.

Additional information about the Alfred Ots Scholarship Fund

Awarded grants previous years

Grants 2021: 127 500 kr was divided between three students, all of whom got an extension for a fourth semester: Marie-Mädli Kivimäe, Hans Daniel Kaimre och Mari-Liis Ait.

Grants 2020: 256 500 kr was divided between 5 students: Mari-Liis Ait was awarded a scholarship of 85 000 kr, Artur Sagarov got 27 500 and Sten Röngelep got an extension for a fourth semester of 27 500 kr. Ayrton Hüüs got a scholarship of 127 500 kr for three semesters starting fall term 2021.

Grants 2019: Three Estonian students receive scholarships of SEK 127,500; Hans Daniel Kaimre, Mihkel Sildnik and Marie-Mädli Kivimäe.

Grants 2018: Three Estonian students receive scholarships of SEK 127,500; Anne Niin, Andreas Rosenfeld and Sten Rõngelep.

Grants 2017: Four scholarships of 127 500 SEK were awarded each to Tõnis Soodla, Carmen Isop, Karl Kangur, and Martin Johannes Talu.

Grants 2016: During the year the Fund handed out 510 000 SEK to four fellows for each three semesters: Monika Tölgo, Sten Remmelg, Kerli Kustola and Heleri Berlokko (due to changed studies, Helieri's scholarship was changed to 1 and a half semester).

Grants 2014: During the year the Fund handed out 85 000 SEK for two fellows, to: Henri Lillmaa and Anders Levandi.

During the year the Fund could also carry out two traditional Ots-symposia. The Spring-symposium was an anniversary event: the twenty-fifth in the order. The 2014 New Fellows was welcomed in September of he alumni and the Fund board at a likewise already traditional "crab-evening".

Grants 2013: During the year the Fund handed out 231 000 SEK for three fellows, about 77 000 kr each, to: Koit Kangur, Teele Kundla and Jaan Kekišev.
Since 2006, the Fund hosts at least one symposium per semester, where the Fellows, two at a time, present their work. The symposia are open to the Estonian community in Gothenburg and comprises the academic component in a social context, as was the practice of symposia in ancient Greece, where food and drink accompanied the interaction. On the 24th of November the 24th symposium was held.

History of Alfred Ots Scholarship Fund

The Fund was formed in 1995 through the donation of 3,152,330 SEK from the engineer Alfred Ots estate. Alfred Ots was born in Estonia in 1918 and came to Sweden as a refugee during World War II. Here he began to study and later became a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, in 1957. After graduation, he moved to the USA where he worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) until his retirement. Alfred Ots died in an accident in the aftermath of a storm at his home in Florida in 1992. He left no heirs and no will.
Since his studies at Chalmers Alfred Ots was a good friend of Sven Olving who was also born in Estonia, and also the former President of Chalmers. Alfred Ots and Sven Olving kept in touch and talked on several occasions about Alfred Ots desire to donate his savings to Chalmers. The donation would help the young people of Estonia to study at Chalmers, during Estonia's initial reconstruction phase, after the liberation from the Soviet Union. It was by Sven Olvings certification and the correspondence between Alfred Ots and Sven Olving that the US court accepted Alfred Ots oral donation thoughts.

“Alfred Ots stipendiefond” is one of the most active and vivid of Chalmers Funds. The Fund has had over 80 Fellows over the years, of which six have completed a doctoral degree at Chalmers University, or another university. Sven Olving has been a member of the Committee, and the Committee was led for many years by Professor Emeritus Mart Mägi. Professor Peter Andrekson chairs the committee today.