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Ivo Jaanisoo

I feel like having entered my personal time machine of networking and knowledge. Step on board and welcome to the future!

Hej! I am Ivo from Estonia. I am a project manager with diverse education and work experience within the construction industry. My title from my previous studies in Denmark is Constructing Architect. Additionally, I have been employed as an R&D engineer and an Engineering Manager. Currently, it is my second year at the MSc programme of Design and Construction Project Management, at Chalmers.

My journey towards new knowledge

I have been devoted to the construction industry for the past 8 years. I began my professional journey far from home, in Denmark. I mostly sought for cultural diversity and proximity to other large European countries. This period came into mind again later during my job-career when I began searching for additional inspiration to improve the industry. I wished for a master’s programme at a European top university with a multicultural environment, high educational quality in English and potential to get insights from many different industries.

The attraction of Gothenburg

Compared to other options, Chalmers is surrounded by many additional dimensions of attraction. The city of Gothenburg was known to me as a vibrant student city. It is at a comfortable distance to other important cities such as Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm including direct connections to many additional centers via its two airports. I was also looking for local opportunities for an enjoyable past-time. My search was rather short because I heard right away about the abundance of cultural events and also different activities in the nature without leaving Gothenburg. Looking back, these treats of Gothenburg have been even more enjoyable than I could have imagined.

First and only choice Chalmers

Chalmers University of Technology is considered to be one of the best technical universities in Sweden. Every day, I sense the dedication of Chalmerists (a Swedish nickname for the students) to match or exceed the expectations. The professors are highly qualified, but even more importantly, they are all well connected to their industry of specialization. There is a high level of networking between the university, local and international companies and other instances. This opens up many doors to obtain currently relevant information and eventually of course can help in finding a dream job.

What if I had a second chance?

If given a second chance, I would decide even faster for the experience in Chalmers. I am sincerely happy and thankful for the match to my requirements in terms of multiculturalism, educational quality and proximity to the “real world”. Aside from studies, I have participated in several student organizations which helped me to immerse into the Chalmers way of living. There is hard work and also much joy, therefore a great balance for motivated young professionals. I would sincerely recommend the experience to anyone, it will certainly be a life changer.


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