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"Challenged to learn" - Henri Lillmaa

The Alfred Ots scholarship has had a highly positive impact on my life and studies. I would certainly do Chalmers all over again. Every minute I have spent here has been worth the while. So don't think twice about choosing Chalmers!

I had very high expectations from Chalmers!

I expected different approach on teaching, expected some challenges and knowledgeful, experienced specialists as teachers. Basically I was looking for a handful to keep me busy for the two years and thereby give me better changes for future employment. At the moment I cannot speak about the employment part, but studying has certainly kept me busy and in my opinion, for the right cause. My expectations were set to quite high and they have been met very well.

A scholarship to make life easier!

In 14 September 2014, I was granted with the Alfred Ots Scholarship, for a period of three semesters. The scholarship had and still has a huge positive impact on my studies here in Chalmers. Without the scholarship I would not have been able to study abroad. Also, thanks to the fact that Alfred Ots Scholarship is very specific for studies in Chalmers University, it made the decision about choosing Chalmers for my masters studies a lot easier.

And now, I’d do it all again!

I would certainly do it over again. Time in Chalmers hasn´t been easy, but the experience and knowledge gained here has been worth every minute studying in Chalmers. Although if I could alter the chain of events, I would start looking for an apartment for a lot earlier than I did and research the time windows when to refresh the sgs-studentbostader webpage.

There’s time for everyone and everything!

The most favourite experience has been the pro-study atmosphere surrounding the Chalmers. Teachers are very friendly and aren´t offended with easy nor tough questions, wonderful library for doing homework and self-studies. For out of curricular activities there are student committees and associations in every imaginable flavour to take care of the some of the free time and sauna, pool and gym hall to take care of the remaining free time.

Don’t think twice about choosing Chalmers!

I cannot speak for other Swedish universities, but I am really happy with the choice I made to come here. There are so many different criterions to go after when making a decision like this. If one likes sea, islands and beautiful parks, then Göteborg is the right place to be at. If one likes to be challenged and study in one of the best universities of Nordic countries, then Chalmers is the best university to be at. And after all, why not Chalmers?


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Text: Henri Lillmaa
Edited by: Abhilash Ram
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