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MUhammad Kurnia Bijaksana

"I'm proud that I chose Chalmers as my grad school" - Muhammad Kurnia Bijaksana

Hej! My name is Muhammad Kurnia Bijaksana. My friends call me Aksa and I am from the world’s largest archipelago country, Indonesia. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Materials Engineering at Chalmers. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung about a year ago. Being a Chalmerist is an honor for me, as I am now a part of one of the Scandinavian’s best University. However, this would be impossible if I had not been admitted to LPDP scholarship.

What is LPDP?

LPDP stands for Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (Institution of Education Fund Endowment, in English) is an institution under the supervision of finance ministry in Indonesia that gives opportunity to Indonesian youth to pursue higher education. They offer full covered scholarship for those who want to pursue Master’s degree or PhD in Indonesia or abroad. The name of the scholarship itself is BPI, which stands for Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia’s Eduation Scholarship).

What Does LPDP Offer?

LPDP offers a full scholarship covering tuition fee, transportation fee (flight ticket from Indonesia to destination country), book allowance, insurance allowance, and living allowance for full 2 years (4 years for PhD students). Basically, LPDP has an objective to increase the amount of scholars in Indonesia to develop Indonesia in the near future.

How Did You Manage to Get BPI from LPDP?

The selection process of BPI consists of two parts: administration and interview. For the administration, a transcript with GPA above 3.00, IELTS certificate with minimum score band of 6, and one recommendation letter from someone who knows your academic or professional competence are needed. I had prepared myself by training for my IELTS score for 3 months and I got a satisfying score of 7.5. Those who passed administration selection have to undergo a strict process of interview section. The interview section actually consists of three parts: document verification, main interview, and leaderless group discussion. The leaderless group discussion is designed to see whether you can collaborate with people with different background or not. The main interview is pretty much similar to the job interview, except that the questions sometimes really push you into the corner. They want to make sure that you apply this scholarship not only as an opportunity to travel abroad, but also to improve yourself for Indonesia’s sake. In every period of selection, only 10-20% make it.

Does Being Awarded BPI Scholarship from LPDP Change Your Life?

Absolutely. Everyone awarded this scholarship are required to attend a mandatory leadership training camp before they are departing from Indonesia. Here, I met many amazing people with different academic or professional background. They have one thing in common: Have achieved at least one amazing trait in their endeavor. I considered this fact as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and insight in various fields. But most of all, being awarded BPI scholarship from LPDP granted me an opportunity to study here in Sweden. In fact, LPDP had given me my first opportunity to go abroad. In addition, with all the facilities I got from LPDP, I could consider myself being paid to study. Isn’t that exciting? Being paid while expanding your horizon abroad, especially here in Chalmers.
My Bio:
  • Msc in Materials Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (2015-present)
  • Bsc in Materials Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (2010-2014)
  • My e-mail:

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