After the notification of selection results

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After the admissions selection, the result is posted in your account at in the Application section. At this page you will find out what to do next and that admitted students must register online in Ladok.

Key dates

This is an overview of important dates throughout the application process, up to the beginning of your master’s studies.

Key dates for master's studies

This is an overview of important dates throughout the application process, up to the beginning of your master’s studies. All deadlines are midnight CET (Central European TIME) at the end of the day on the date indicated.​ The dates below may be subject to change. Not applicable for Chalmers bachelor students applying to a master's programme.

Check the notification of selection results

Find the notification at “My pages” and “Application”. Open the link to the PDF file to read. It serves as the official Notification of selection results. The PDF file should be used when you need to present documentation of your selection results to other authorities, your bank etc. No hard copy is sent by regular mail or e-mail.

Also check any messages that may be published at “My pages”.

If you are admitted, you should read the section Admitted students must register online in Ladok, further down on this webpage. This mandatory registration procedure is required to keep the place offer.

Students admitted to programmes are recommended to check their e-mail regularly, you will receive necessary information about your study start. Do not miss out, make sure to also check your junk e-mail box.

Conditionally admitted – pay the tuition fee

Students who are required to pay a tuition fee will have the information of being "conditionally admitted" on their Notification of Selection Results. You will not receive a new Notification, even when the fee has been paid. The Notification together with Proof of payment obtained from Chalmers is sufficient when applying for a residence permit with the Swedish Migration Agency.

In the week after the results are published, you will receive an e-mail from Chalmers Tuition fees office with the payment information for the first semester. The offer of admissions is revoked if the fee is not paid before the deadline.
You find more information and the complete terms and conditions for Tuition fees here.

Apply for a residence permit

Students who are liable to pay tuition fees must also apply for a residence permit for studies. You must submit your own application at Swedish Migration Agency website immediately after you have paid the first instalment of the tuition fees. It’s important that your application is complete, to not risk delays in the process. Read the information and tips on how to submit a complete application for Residence permit

Placed on reserve

Placed on reserve means that you are eligible, but you have been placed on a waiting list and may be offered a place later, but there is no guarantee. Chalmers admits more students than available study places since declines are expected. Even if the amount of admitted students decline, your number on the waiting list will not be updated. If a place becomes available Chalmers admissions will offer the place to the applicant in the order of the waiting (reserve) list. Chalmers admissions will only contact those who can be offered a study place. You will not receive any final letter of not being admitted.

Reserve - Tuition fee required

You do not pay any fee to keep your place on the waiting list (reserve). The tuition fee payment details will only be sent if you are offered a place.

Deleted alternative in your application

Decline or withdraw from studies

If you decide not to attend the programme or course, please make sure to decline your offer at your account on Remember that your future chances of applying and being admitted to Chalmers are not affected by you declining your offer of admission now.

Admitted students must register online in Ladok

There are things you need to do as a new student at Chalmers.
The time-limited online registration in Ladok is compulsory, to keep the place offer.

Find the specific dates and instructions at New student.

It is not allowed to be enrolled (registered in Ladok) in two programmes at the same education level in the same semester. If you have questions or want to inform Chalmers admissions which programme you choose, send an e-mail to

Confirm your presence on campus

New students:

  • without a Swedish identity number (personnummer)
  • fee paying

must attend the identity check in person to complete the enrolment process.

After completing the time-limited registration in Ladok you must also confirm your presence on campus according to the dates and instructions set by Chalmers, to keep the place offer. Attendance is compulsory.

Date: between 14 August to 8 September 2024.
Location: Chalmers Servicecenter in the Student union building
Time: during regular opening hours.
Bring your valid passport or European national card. Your valid ID must include name, nationality, expiration date and photo.

Find the location and opening hours
Chalmers Servicecenter

What you need to do as a new student

Welcome to us at Chalmers. Congratulations on your decision to join us, we hope you will enjoy it. Students from all over the world study here in an international study environment. Below we have compiled important information that you need to get started with your time of study in the best possible way.

Attending in person and participate actively in studies, is required from the start of the semester

As a student at Chalmers, you must take full responsibility for your study situation.
The program syllabus requires personal attendance and active participation in campus studies.
No deferral (postponement) of the (personal) ID/passport check will be approved. Students without a Swedish identity number must confirm their presence on campus.
No deferral (postponement) of the start of your studies will be approved, whether via Chalmers admission, course coordinator or other party.

The Regulation for claiming your study place

You must have knowledge of the terms and conditions and make sure that your study commitment meets the conditions.

The Regulation for claiming your study place

At Chalmers, you must take full responsibility for your study situation from the first semester of a new degree programme. You must be an active student and have knowledge of the terms and conditions that apply to claim your study place. If you do not fulfill the terms and conditions, then your study place may be revoked.

Deferment of studies to the next academic year

Under certain extraordinary circumstances it is possible to defer the start of your studies to the start of the next academic year. The place offer must still be valid and your reason well documented and possible to verify.