Scholarships for fee-paying students

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Scholarships are a great source of funding for master's students who are liable to pay tuition fees. Some of these are administrated by Chalmers and others by external institutions. Additional scholarships may be appended to the list and applicants are therefore encouraged to check this webpage regularly.

Scholarships for master's studies, administrated by Chalmers

There is a separate application for scholarships administrated by Chalmers. You can apply after you have submitted your programme application at, since you will have to identify yourself with that application number. The scholarships that are listed below are applicable to prospective students only. You apply prior to the first academic year at Chalmers, it is not open to current students. The scholarship offers are valid for 2 years of study, under certain conditions. The conditions are outlined in the Scholarship Regulations.

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Being granted alternative or complementary funding from external patrons does not affect the possibility of obtaining scholarships from Chalmers as an applicant's financial status is not taken into account during the nomination process.

Key dates for master's studies

This is an overview of important dates throughout the application process, up to the beginning of your master’s studies....

Chalmers associated scholarship organisations

In addition to the scholarships administrated by Chalmers, we also cooperate with other associations providing scholarships for tuition fee-paying students.

External scholarships, administrated by other organisations

There are also other organisations that provide scholarships that you can use to study at Chalmers. These organisations have their own timeline and application process, so make sure to check their website and contact them if you have questions about their scholarships.

How to apply for a scholarship

We have several different sholarships that fee-paying students can apply to and to be considered for one, there are a se...