Validation of prior learning

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If you do not fulfil the entry requirements through formal qualifications, you can apply for a validation of your prior learning. This means your accumulated knowledge and experience, which may have been acquired in different ways, for example through work experience, staff training or other courses.

How to apply for a validation

It is required to have a current application at, the validation is mapped towards a specific alternative in your application.

The application for validation of prior learning shall be submitted together with a personal letter and documentation to prove the context of the prior learning relevant to a programme or a course at Chalmers. The personal letter must explain in what way the prior learning is relevant and may fulfill the entry requirements. Do not apply for validation if the entry requirements are met by your academic merits.

Include documents to support the claim for relevant learning outcomes. That is learning outcomes matching the specific entry requirements of the specific programme or course at Chalmers. Knowledge and experiences acquired from work life, working experiences in associations, longer periods of time abroad or studies from different courses can be relevant.


  1. The validation process require more time and resources and applies to applications submitted in time only. The option of validation does not apply to any late applications.
  2. The alternative must be prioritised as your first hand choice in your application. If Chalmers is listed as second or lower, validation is no option. 
  3. Language Skills will not be assessed by Chalmers. The applicant must use recognised language tests or the other options listed by to fulfill the language proficiency.


The applicant is advised to contact the Study and Career Guidance at Chalmers well in advance before the application deadline.