Applied Fluid Dynamics

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drönare lab

We are working in fluid dynamics, mostly incompressible. We are doing numerical and experimental research on single-phase and multi-phase flows. Our research leads among other things to efficient fuel cells, pulp processing units, thermochemical conversion processes, badminton shuttles, improved air and water quality and hydro power plants with longer life expectancy.

Great Computational Resources

For CFD we use in-house codes, commercial codes and OpenFOAM. Since we mostly are doing unsteady simulations (LES, DES, hybrid LES/RANS or URANS) we are dependent on large computer resources. We are using computer centers with more than 1000 CPUs at Chalmers computer center, C3SE as well as at national centers, SNIC. Our research in CFD covers development of turbulence models, advanced flow visualization, optimization and flow control.

In Cooperation with the Industry

We are working in fluid dynamics, mostly incompressible, as well as turbulence modelling. The applications include flows around vehicles (cars, buses, trucks and trains), water turbines and water power stations, wind turbines, gas turbines, biotechnological applications, pharmaceutics, and paper and pulp industry

Chalmers Wind Tunnels

On the experimental side we carry out research using hot wire anemometry (HWA), three-dimensional laser doppler anemometry (LDA) and three-dimensional particle image velocimetry (PIV). The experiments are usually carried out in one of our three wind tunnels, Chalmers' Wind Tunnel, The linear cascade rig and The annular cascade rig.