Vehicle Safety

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​The research in the division has the primary goals of reducing or mitigating the risk of injury for all road users. The Vehicle Safety researchers have access to both theoretical and experimental resources to analyse the factors leading to a crash or study the dynamic response of vehicles, structures, and individuals that cause injuries. 

Human Body Models 

The division conducts extensive modelling of road-users including human-body-models (HBMs) and behavioural models of various road-users, such as car drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The models are integrated and used for in-crash and pre-crash virtual safety assessments.

National and international collaborations

Through our national and international collaborations, we have access to crash and naturalistic databases containing information on the consequences of a crash, as well as road-user behaviours that can lead to crashes.

Diverse research portfolio

The Vehicle Safety Division has a diverse research portfolio of projects sponsored by both public and private organizations. We are active in European Commission sponsored projects and contribute to many international technical committees advancing vehicle and traffic safety.

The division is responsible for teaching in the international Master's Programme in Mobility Engineering​​.

We are responsible for the Vehicle and Traffic Safety course as well as courses in Active Safety and Impact Biomechanics. We also have PhD-level courses, including the IDEA League summer school IDEA League sommarkurs "Analysis and Modelling Road User Behaviour". 

Employees at the Division of Vehicle Safety

Research areas

Crash analysis and Prevention

The mission of the research unit on crash analysis and prevention is to understand why crashes happen and how they can be prevented. This includes understanding crash causation mechanisms related to the behaviour of vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users, as well as vehicle and environment factors.

Injury Prevention

The work of the Injury Prevention research group aims at preventing injuries due to extreme mechanical loading to the human body. This can for instance be loading caused in traffic accidents. The research is prioritized based on accident statistics provided by the Field Data Management group within the division.