Data Science and AI

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Data Science and AI

The division engages in research and education within a growing area encompassing Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. With an increased demand for advanced information systems, computer applications, and autonomous decision-making in nearly all areas of society, data science, and AI are increasingly becoming necessary aspects of software development in general.

What is data science, AI and machine learning?

Data science is concerned with the extraction of useful knowledge from large scale data, both for a deeper understanding of the data and for decision support.

​AI is concerned with building intelligent systems based on machine learning, logic or other models. AI is a highly cross-disciplinary field, using methods from statistics and optimization, machine learning, algorithms (e.g. for inference and for handling large-scale data), as well as other computational techniques.

Machine learning (ML) operates by automatic generalization from data, such that they learn to perform complex tasks without explicitly programmed rules. Machine learning is in turn based on foundations in algorithms, optimization and mathematical statistics.​


Most of the research at Data Science and AI is in cooperation with partners in academia and industry, which is combined with basic research in machine learning and related areas:

  • algorithm theory (design, complexity, randomness)
  • optimization and operations research (scheduling, routing)
  • theoretical ML research (learning, decision-making)
  • health informatics, bioinformatics and computational biology
  • natural language processing (text analysis, representation learning, multimodality)
  • autonomous vehicles
  • mathematical modelling and problem solving

Several research projects are supported by CHAIR (Chalmers AI research initiative) and WASP (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Programme).

DSAI seminars

Learn more about the research performed at the DSAI division in the weekly DSAI seminars​. The seminars are open to the public with research talks organized by researchers at the division and are advertised here.

The seminars are held every Monday at 2 pm usually in Analysen, EDIT-building, and via zoom-link​ (password mondays23).​ Video recordings of previous lectures of the seminar can be accessed via the "DSAI Seminars" channel on the Chalmers Play website.

Organizers are Alexander Gower and Janosch Menke. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or ideas related to the seminars. You can also contact them if you wish to subscribe to email updates on the seminars.


The division provides a range of courses in data science, AI and machine learning. We also offer courses in mathematical modeling, algorithms, optimization, and related fields. We do a substantial part of the teaching in the "Data Science and AI Master’s program" at Chalmers and the "Applied Data Science Master’s program" at the University of Gothenburg.

Workshop on Algebra and Computation 2023

The workshop will take place August 14-16. The main topics of the workshop include Algebraic Complexity, Algebraic Methods in Algorithms, and Algebra in Coding Theory. The idea is to get researchers using similar techniques in different areas to interact and hopefully find inspiration in each other's work and/or common research goals to collaborate on. Read more on the website for Workshop on Algebra and Computation (the website will be updated continuously). For more information, please contact Devdatt Dubhashi



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