Doctoral Studies

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Conferment Ceremony. Three newly conferred doctors at the IT Faculty put on their hats and wreaths.
Conferment Ceremony. Three newly conferred doctors at the IT Faculty put on their hats and wreaths. Photo: University of Gothenburg

As a doctoral student you can go deep into subjects as for example computer science, software engineering, interaction design and bioscience.

Graduate Schools

With us, you can study the following specializations:

Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers)
Our research education program spans a large spectrum that includes the theoretical underpinning of computer science, the development of applied embedded and distributed systems, the design of computer hardware, the design of software languages, the processes, practices, and methods of real-world software engineering and realistic drawing of images in computer games and films.

Human - Technology - Design (Chalmers)
In the research subject Human-Technology-Design, the goal is to develop knowledge about the relationship between human beings and technical products/systems. As a doctoral student, you will also develop methods and tools for studying the relationship between humans and technical products and systems

Human-Computer Interaction (Chalmers)
In the interdisciplinary graduate school Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) you study and research the interaction between humans and computers to better understand, evaluate, and improve computerized technical systems for human use.

Bioscience (Chalmers)
When you study a doctoral program in Biosciences, you will handle the development and application of technological and engineering tools. You will also develop your knowledge in communication and how it is applied in biology, biotechnology, biomedicine, bioinformatics, and food science.

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The first step in the process is to apply for a vacant PhD position. These are advertised at Chalmers, under the page vacancies.

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General questions about doctoral education can be directed to

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Computer Science and Engineering, a joint department between Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.