Our research

We do research for the future and create social benefits that are brought to life and implemented in close cooperation with business and industry

The research at the department is at the international forefront in several areas, and our faculty have been the recipient of several prestigious grants. Among them are eight grants from the European Research Council (ERC) of which three were at advanced level. We have also received several national grants such as Wallenberg Academy Fellows and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) Future Research Leader awards - to mention a few.

We conduct extensive, high-quality, broad-based research - ranging from basic research to direct applications in collaboration with industry.

We are organized into four research divisions, and within and between these are a number of research groups. We are part of the IT Faculty at the University of Gothenburg.

Our research areas:

Computing Science

Pursues research and education that advances the design of secure and trustworthy software and systems, from theoretical foundations, and up through the design and implementation of programming languages and tools

Data Science and AI

Conduct research within a growing area encompassing Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. Several research projects are supported by the Chalmers AI research initiative (CHAIR) and Wallenberg AI (WASP).

Computer and Network Systems

Tackles the challenges of building reliable, secure, energy efficient systems. The research covers a wide range, from large interconnected systems and IoT devices to the smallest pieces of hardware where reliability, security, performance, and efficiency are key.

Interaction Design and Software Engineering

Interaction Design researches the interaction between people and products in which information technology is a central component. The Software Engineering area provides research and education in the development of complex software systems and software-intensive systems.

Computer Science and Engineering, a joint department between Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.