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Words from our collaborative partners

​Our successful collaborations with industry exemplifies how our research makes a difference in society.

Martin LovmarMartin Lovmar, PhD, Principal R&D Scientist, Wellspect

"At Wellspect​ we are constantly looking for opportunities with the potential to make a real difference to our customers, and our collaboration with Professor Ivan Mijakovic’s research group at Sysbio has been very fruitful. The collaboration has so far led to new discoveries resulting in both scientific publications and patent applications, and as the collaboration continues, we are looking forward to commercialising these discoveries. Through this collaboration we also come in contact with several other researchers at both Chalmers and all-around Europe, which opens new possibilities for our joint projects and make us confident that further discoveries and innovations will follow!"

Ingvild DahlenIngvild Dahlen, Leader. Technology, Project and Business development, Lerøy Seafoods AS​

" Lerøy Seafoods AS collaborates with researchers from the Department of BIology and Biological Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. The collaboration focuses on creating high-value products from residual raw materials that are generated when producing red and white fish. Sustainable production is an important goal for Lerøy, therefore projects like these are important for the industry’s development. The collaboration with Chalmers is a very positive experience for Lerøy, with researchers with broad experience contributing to the project with great knowledge. We believe that this interdisciplinary collaboration, between academia and us as an operational industry stakeholder, provides good and realistic solutions for the future. We put research into practise." (Photo: Lerøy Seafood Group)

Anisha GoelAnisha Goel, PhD, Research Scientist, R&D Production Development, Chr. Hansen

"Chr. Hansen  has had good collaboration with the Chalmers BIO department, where we are inspiring young students via study visits and via Master thesis and industrial PhD students. The synergy between academia and business is well understood by the department, which makes interactions fruitful with the ability to arrive at a win-win for all stakeholders."

Eric ÖsteEric Öste, CEO, Cirkulär AB ​

"We collaborate with Chalmers on the development of cell factories for recombinant proteins. The collaboration is highly valuable to us since we get access to state-of-the art research and infrastructure. Through our partnership with scientists at Chalmers, we can develop our core technologies in a more efficient way and reach the market faster."


Johan JohannessonJohan Johannesson, Quality and Environmental Manager, Sisjö Intressenter AB​

"I have a long and good experience of collaborating with Chalmers and the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering. I consider that it's important that the industry and academia work close together to develop methods that can ensure sustainable food consumption and production patterns. Together we can make an impact for a sustainable future."


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