Mijakovic Lab

Leader: Prof. Ivan Mijakovic

We work on signaling and regulation in bacterial cells, focusing in particular on regulatory phenomena based on protein phosphorylation. Most of our research activities are carried out on Bacillus subtilis, a model organism for Firmicutes. B. subtilis is a wonderful model for studying complex signaling circuits in developmental phenomena, since it displays a wide array of “survival” strategies: motility, versatile degradative functions, production of bacteriocins, natural competence, biofilm formation, cannibalism and spore development. Our laboratory specializes in bacterial protein-tyrosine kinases (BY-kinases), serine/threonine kinases of the Hanks-family, phosphoproteomics other “omics” approaches aiming at global studies of the phosphorylation-based regulatory networks. We also work on metabolic engineering of B. subtilis for production of platform chemicals, and on several biomedical applications.

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Published: Tue 09 Feb 2016.