Robust bioprocesses

How does design of the production process affect the performance of a microorganism in downstream applications, and the productivity, yield and product titer in bioprocesses using residues from agriculture and forestry? These are the key questions in the field of robust bioprocessing. Our research deals with fermentation processes for biobased production of fuels and chemicals, and with production of dairy starter cultures and probiotics. We study:

  • advanced feed schemes and integrated yeast production and adaptation to enable high gravity fermentation of various lignocellulosic materials;
  • biomarkers that indicate development of downstream robustness in respiratory lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic bifidobacteria, and process design to promote such robustness;
  • mathematical modeling for designing and optimizing operating conditions and for linking knowledge on microbial genomics, metabolism and physiology with process development;
  • the technoeconomic and life cycle environmental characteristics of biobased processes are assessed in collaborative projects.

Ongoing projects:

Page manager Published: Thu 19 Jul 2018.