Research at Biology and Biological Engineering

Within the department of Biology and Biotechnology we perform research with relevance for our daily life. Furthermore, we work on creating knowledge than can improve the efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes. Our research finds broad applications in  areas of health (food and medicine), industrial production (biotechnology for production of bulk and fine chemicals and proteins), as well as for energy production (transportation fuels). In common for the application areas is that we have developed a versatile tool box that help us to understand what is going on in our model systems – from cells to humans and in the longer perspective we want to be able to influence the systems we work on. One of our important missions is to drive the development of novel and improved tools to study effects at a cellular level, such as  systems biology analysis and modeling tools, metabolic engineering and bioimaging. We have powerful experimental platforms that encompass well equipped  fermenters, computer controlled artificial intestine model, analytical instruments and laser based microscopy. We are collaborating in broad, interdisciplinary  national and international networks within academia and with industries belonging to different businesses.
One of our important missions is to offer highly qualified teaching of engineering students with in the area of bioengineering. We offer courses and projects on different levels.
Read more about our inspiring research under the descriptions of the four groups that together form the department:
Chemical Biology
Food and Nutrition Science
Industrial Biotechnology
Systems and Synthetic Biology

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Jun 2021.