Scientists talk about food at Universeum

​This week is a school holiday, and there will be many visitors at the science center Universeum. And Chalmers will also be there, to talk about food at the new exhibition on health.

"It’s important to be out in society", says Marie Alminger.

​Marie Alminger and Ingrid Undeland, both professors in Food Science, agree: they hope to meet curious and happy children.
– I will talk about Swedish berries; why are they good to eat and what do they contain? Sweden has a unique and untapped resource in the form of wild and cultivated berries, but we need to be better at making the most of them, says Marie Alminger, and adds that increased knowledge about packaging and storage techniques, and how these can be used to increase the durability of fresh berries, would be of interest.
– By developing ideas for new and exciting food, we want to help children, young and older people to be interested in – and eat more – berries.

Universeum’s interactive health exhibition, that opened recently, will be in place until 2019. The science center has invited Chalmers, Region Västra Götaland, the University of Gothenburg, the National Food Agency and several other institutions to join. The aim is to increase knowledge about the daily habit’s effects on health and wellbeing.
– We want to help and share our knowledge. At the same time, we also need to make clear that we are doing research on food and health at Chalmers, and that we do so many fun things. If we are not visible, we don’t exist, says Marie Alminger.

The small seminars will take place in the big Akvariehallen – right next to the fish tanks – which in the case of Ingrid Undeland is really appropriate, as she will talk about algae. How can they be used, in addition to sushi? And what’s in them?

– The algae have a salty taste and an umami taste that we can take advantage of. There’s a great interest in cutting down on common salt in foods. Seaweed as the kelp also contain marine omega-3 – low levels, but still, she says.
– In Sweden, we have not been harvesting wild algae to any great extent. It is important to be careful, to not damage the ecosystems. We believe in cultivating algae and are investigating, together with the University of Gothenburg, what happens to the contents if, for example, we grow them at different depths.

Children – and their accompanying adults – will get to taste, touch and feel, Marie Alminger and Ingrid Undeland promises. The goal is to make the visitors eager to learn more. And hopefully they will recognize Chalmers as a university with exciting and interesting projects.

Marie Alminger’s seminar – Friday 3 PM
Ingrid Undeland’s seminar – Saturday 3 PM

The seminars are held at the Universeum Akvariehall. For more information on the health exhibition or holiday activities, go to Universeum website.

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: ​Universeum

Page manager Published: Tue 16 Feb 2016.