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Reproducibility investigated by Robot Scientist Eve

Only one third of the results from 74 selected scientific papers in breast cancer cell biology of high scientific interest could be reproduced. This was shown by a study where the researchers combined automated text analysis and the Robot Scientist Eve at Chalmers. 

Eve is an automated system using AI invented by Ross King, Professor of Machine Intelligence at Chalmers and Cambridge University, and Wallenberg Chair in AI at WASP. In this study Ross King’s research group used Eve to reproduce the results from 74 selected papers.

“The cancer literature is enormous, but no one ever does the same thing twice, making reproducibility a huge issue,” Ross King says in a press release​ from Cambridge University.  

“Given the vast sums of money spent on cancer research, and the sheer number of people affected by cancer worldwide, it’s an area where we urgently need to improve reproducibility.”

Read the full scientific paper in Journal of the Royal Society Interface: Testing the reproducibility and robustness of the cancer biology literature by robot. 

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Page manager Published: Thu 28 Apr 2022.