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New type of machine learning accelerates drug design

Transformational machine learning (TMA) is a new approach to machine learning (ML). The method is based on human learning – it learns from multiple problems and improves performance while it learns. 

​Ross D King is Professor of Machine Intelligence at Chalmers and was recruited by WASP in 2019 as a Wallenberg Chair in AI. The method developed by him and his colleagues could accelerate the identification and production of new drugs by improving the machine learning systems which are used to identify them. The results are recently published in PNAS. 

“A typical ML system has to start from scratch when learning to identify a new type of drug, dealing with a single issue at a time. A typical M​L approach will search for drug molecules of a particular shape, for example. TML instead uses the connection of the drugs to other drug discovery problems. This makes TML a much more powerful approach,” says Ross D King. 


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Page manager Published: Fri 25 Mar 2022.