Professor Lisbeth Olsson

Lisbeth Olsson new member of KVVS

​Lisbeth Olsson, Professor of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology, has been elected as a member of the prestigious academy KVVS.
“I am very honored to be acknowledged by KVVS, it is a proof that my work is important and makes a difference for science and in society,” says Lisbeth Olsson, Professor and Head of Division Industrial Biotechnology.  

Lisbeth Olsson’s research at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering is focusing on designing enzymes and robust and efficient cell factories, utilising different kinds of microorganisms, for industrial processes for production of sustainable chemicals, fuels and other material. She is also co-director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC, an interdisciplinary center for research on production of hi-tech and sustainable materials from wood.   

The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg, KVVS, was established in 1778. The main purpose of this interdisciplinary association is to promote scientific research, support higher education and utilisation of scientific progress in society. The academy’s work includes among other things arranging lectures, conferences, publishing, and awarding scholarships. 

“What is so special with KVVS is the interdisciplinary width of the members, spanning from humanities to engineering. It is an exciting context, and even though we work in different fields we have a lot of common areas of interest, such as issues regarding research politics and how to communicate science. I think the members of KVVS can contribute with a lot of inspiration, and hopefully I can inspire others as well,” says Lisbeth Olsson. 

Jeffrey Steif and Bernt Wennberg, both Professors at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Karin Lundgren, Professor at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and Gunnar Elgered, Professor at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment, were also elected as members of KVVS this year.

Text: Susanne Nilsson Lindh
Photo: Johan Bodell 

Published: Fri 14 Feb 2020.