Jens Nielsen

Jens Nielsen new CEO of Bioinnovation Institute

​Professor Jens Nielsen has been given the position as new Director of the Danish Bioinnovation Institute, situated in Copenhagen, starting on 1 February.
“This will give new opportunities to Chalmers, too”, he says.
​Bioinnovation Institute, BII, is established by Novo Nordisk Foundation to create a Danish start-up environment. At the institute, basic research will be transformed into practical use, in solutions or products that combat disease, improve health or conserve natural resources. BII also works as an incubator for start-up companies within the biotech area.

"It was simply not possible to miss out on this opportunity! The idea to build a completely new institute with focus on the translation of research and on innovation, as well as supporting spin-out of new biotech companies, is very exciting", says Jens Nielsen.

Throughout his career, he has aimed to bridge top-level basic science with translation and innovation, and he has also started several companies.
"BII is fully in line with my skills and interests, so having the opportunity to harvest on all that I have learned over the years will be fantastic."

Even though the new positions means moving back to Denmark, Nielsen is optimistic when it comes to the consequences for Chalmers:
"This will give new opportunities to BIO and thus to Chalmers. BII does not have basic research, and will therefore rely on solid collaborations with universities. In my new role as CEO I intend to establish close interactions with Scandinavian universities that have a strong position in life sciences, to further strengthen the innovation and competitive environment in Scandinavia."

Jens Nielsen will keep his research group at the Division of Systems and Synthetic Biology at Chalmers.

"Yes, I will maintain my Chalmers affiliation with 100 percent focus on running the research group, that is, continue my supervision of my many PhD students and post docs."

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Novo Nordisk Foundation

Published: Thu 15 Nov 2018.