Jens Nielsen is awarded the Emil Christian Hansen Gold Medal

​Professor Jens Nielsen receives the Emil Christian Hansen Gold Medal for his seminal work on Yeast Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology. He has contributed to numerous innovations supporting the establishment of yeast as a cell factory for production of fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients.
​​"I am deeply honored to receive this prestigious prize! Being on the same list at previous award winners, including several Nobel laureates and scientific superstars like Susan Lindquist, honorable doctor at Chalmers, makes me extremely proud," says Jens Nielsen, Professor and former Head of Chalmers division for Systems and Synthetic Biology at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering.

Jens Nielsen received the medal at the 29th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"It is our pleasure to recognize Jens Nielsen’s achievements with the gold medal which we have given to outstanding researchers since 1914,“ says Professor Jochen Förster, Chairman of the Emil Christian Hansen Foundation for Microbiology, and Director, Yeast and Fermentation, Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

Professor Emil Christian Hansen was head of the Department of Physiology at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory from 1879 to 1909. In 1883, Professor Hansen developed the first method for culturing pure yeast, which was of major importance for Carlsberg and revolutionized the entire brewing industry. 

 “I received the prize for our research work having value for the fermentation industry, and I am proud of this as I strongly believe that we should be doing research at universities that has value for society. I also think this is in line with Emil Christian Hansen’s many contributions, which were demonstrations of how excellent research had direct applicability for Carlsberg in making better beer and hereby expand their business,” says Jens Nielsen. 

Text: Susanne Nilsson Lindh
Photo: Carlsberg Foundation

Page manager Published: Thu 22 Aug 2019.