Gothenburg award to professor of food science

The City of Gothenburg’s award of merit is given to people who have made significant efforts for the city. This year, the award goes to Professor Ann-Sofie Sandberg, who has devoted her time to building the area of food science at Chalmers.

​Ann-Sofie Sandberg was awarded the prize for her engagement in an important research area, for broadening the collaborations between disciplines and for her strive to create gender equality in the research community.

”It feels great! Other awards have focused on research. This one shows that my work have been of importance for the society. Additionally, it’s a good thing to draw attention to Chalmers and to our area”, says Ann-Sofie Sandberg.

She received the news by letter to her home address, and it was somewhat surprising. But the award is of course well deserved. Ann-Sofie Sandberg has for many years spent time and effort building food science as a strong area at Chalmers, while contributing to the development of the food area in the city as well as the region. She has also seen a national development, leading to Sweden getting a food strategy and strengthening the subject’s status.

“Gothenburg has become a strong node nationally for nutrition and food science, and it’s largely due to Chalmers’ initiatives", she says, and explains why the area is so important:
“Food is means of life. A sustainable society requires a sustainable human being and sustainable food production, and we face major challenges today. The food produced must also contribute to better health and well-being. Globally, obesity and malnutrition are as important health issues as undernutrition.”

Today, Ann-Sofie Sandberg’s baby, the Division of Food and Nutrition Science, belongs to the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering and has expanded rapidly over the last few years. She herself has recently left the driver seat to a new head of division, Rikard Landberg.

“Now we will work for increased visibility, nationally and internationally, and further raise our status", says Ann-Sofie Sandberg.

This year's prize winners also includes Chalmers’ Physics Professor Per-Olof Nilsson and an additional ten people with different professions such as governor, composer, director and organizer. The motivations will be given at the award ceremony on June 4, where the awardees will also receive a badge and a Poseidon statue.

Read a longer portrait of Ann-Sofie Sandberg here (in Swedish only).

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Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Johan Bodell

Published: Thu 28 Jun 2018.