Alexandra Stubelius, Florian David and Verena Siewers
​Alexandra Stubelius, Florian David and Verena Siewers all received grants from the Swedish Research Council 2021. 

BIO researchers receive prestigious VR-grants

Three researchers from the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering recieve grants from The Swedish Research Council 2021. 

​Alxandra Stubelius

Assistant Professor at the Division of Chemical Biology, receives 6 MSEK for the project ”Sialic acid inhibation  an unique strategy for treating osteoarthritis”.

“Therapeutic options for patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) remains a major clinical challenge, where 25 per cent of individuals above the age of 55 are affected. These studies will increase our understanding of how modifications of glycoproteins, specifically sialic acid modifications, contribute to inflammation, synovial hypertrophy and cartilage damage in immune-mediated OA. We have also designed a potential disease-modifying nano-based therapeutic approach which we will evaluate as a potential treatment option for OA.”

Flori​an David

Assistant Professor at the Divison of Systems and Synthetic Biology , receives  4.8 MSEK for the project ”New design principles for peptide antibiotics”. 

”In light of the global ongoing pandemic, rise of antibiotic resistance and the pipeline of novel antibiotics running dry, the discovery of novel classes of antibiotics becomes a task of primary importance. In this project we are aiming to uncover specific design rules for novel classes of peptide antibiotics aiming at “resistance free” so far unexplored antimicrobial targets. This understanding will help to overcome basic pharmacological challenges and help to develop new and better antibiotics in the long run.”

Verena Siewers

Research Professor at the Divison of Systems and Synthetic Biology, receives 3.4 MSEK for the project ”Development of a yeast strain as a platform for cytochrom P450-based pathways”. 
“Cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) are an important superfamily of enzymes that are widespread in all kingdoms of life. In this project, we will develop yeast strains that are optimized for the expression of these enzymes. This research is important because CYPs are involved in the biosynthesis of ten thousands of natural products including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, flavors and fragrances. Our strains will therefore open up the possibility for new sustainable production processes for these bioactive molecules in yeast.”

Text: Susanne Nilsson Lindh
Photo: Martina Butorac

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