BIO-researcher new in chemical society

​Eva Albers, reseacher at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, have been elected a new member in The Swedish Chemical Society. She hopes to contribute with her broad competence in an environment filled with chemistry enthusiasts.
​Hello Eva Albers, what do you have to do to be nominated to The Swedish Chemical Society’s committee of nomenclature?
– I was contacted by a person from the election committee, working here at Chalmers, who thought that I have a suitable complementary competence.

What do the committee do – what will be your task?
– Nomenclature is the terms and denominations used in a certain field, like chemistry. The committee of nomenclature translates new words to Swedish, ensures a good dialogue regarding important language topics and answer questions about nomenclature in the field of chemistry. I will contribute with my competence in biochemistry.

How does it feel to be a new member?
– This will be fun, I’m looking forward to be part of the society and to gain new contacts in the “Chemistry sphere” of Sweden.

What will be your contribution?
– I have a broad competence within biochemistry and biotechnology, which I hope will be of use in the committee of nomenclature.

Note: Read more about the chemical society on their web page (in Swedish).

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Annika Söderpalm, Vera kommunikation

Published: Wed 31 May 2017.