BIO-professor elected member of IVA

​Lisbeth Olsson, Professor at the division of Industrial Biotechnology, have been elected a new member in IVA. “Great to become part of a for me new and exciting environment”, she comments.
​IVA, The Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, released the news on Wednesday: eight new members was elected. One of them is Lisbeth Olsson, Head of division and Professor at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering.
– IVA consists of representatives from both academia and industry, it’s an excellent platform for networking. Important societal challenges are addressed, and this means an opportunity for me to be even more active in the development in society, to influence change and also understand how to make an impact, she says.

IVA has 1300 members, of which 1000 are Swedes, and they are divided into 12 divisions. The divisions monitor, analyse and impact important issues within their field by, for example, organizing seminars. The members also work on referral responses to the Government, and are active in Programme Council and projects. The current projects include, for instance, Innovation in the Forest Industry, Electricity Crossroads, Good Cities of the Future, and Aspects of Energy.

Lisbeth Olsson have, following a nomination, been elected into the division of Chemical Engineering.
– I don’t know exactly how the work and engagement in IVA take place. But since my work is interdisciplinary, and I work with both academia and industry, I believe I can contribute in bridging between parties, she says.
– I care deeply about bioeconomics, and I see that different parts of the industry need to come together to address different aspects of our issues. Perhaps I can contribute with knowledge and facilitate meetings.

Read more about IVA on the academy’s web page

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Martina Butorac

Published: Tue 12 Sep 2017.