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About us

During 2014 the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering together with the President Karin Markides of Chalmers came to the decision that the Biological Engineering part of the department had grown to a critical point and it was time to bud it off into its own department. The department is a result of a more than 10 year strategic initiative within biotechnology at Chalmers.

During the fall of 2014 the work with setting up this new department was undertaken and on the 1st of January 2015 the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering was officially started.

The objective of this new department is to build a life science research community at Chalmers, envisioned to include 250 researchers that can strengthen research, education and innovation within the subject. The department will bridge cutting edge life science research with biochemical engineering to emerge as the leading innovation center in the region.

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