Materials for Tomorrow

Materials for Tomorrow is an annually recurring conference, first organized in 2010. It addresses the material challenges of the future in different ways. Themes and format vary from year to year. Regardless of theme, we always strive to make Materials for Tomorrow a relevant meeting arena for academia, industry and other societal actors, where the current research front is in focus. The meeting is sometimes organized only by Materials Science Area of Advance and sometimes in collaboration with other organizations with a joint interest in the theme.

Materials for Tomorrow

We want Materials for Tomorrow to be a meeting where different perspectives and challenges meet, and where we can highlight all aspects of materials science. Therefore, we always organize a poster exhibition and a photo competition.
If you are interested in proposing a theme for a future Materials for Tomorrow, please contact us.

Photo Contest

  • In concurrence with the conference Materials for Tomorrow the Area of Advance Materials Science organize a materials science photo competition. The idea is to bring forth the beauty that can be found in materials science.

Read more about previous years' and upcoming Materials for Tomorrow (the list will be updated in May):

Materials for Tomorrow 2023

  • The topic of the 2023 Materials for Tomorrow is "Surface of Things", and the event will take place at Chalmers Conference Centre on Nov 8-10 with several internationally recognised speakers.

Materials for Tomorrow 2022

  • The topic of the 2022 Materials for Tomorrow was Materials Science for Sustainability and covered all aspects of the Wallenberg Initiative Material Science for Sustainability, WISE.