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Read the Evolving E-books: Systems Perspectives on Renewable Power, Systems Perspectives on Electromobility and Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries. Photo: Pixabay

A platform for learning about systems issues

The energy and climate challenge is enormous and the world is running full speed ahead into a very uncertain future. The role of technology is ambiguous: definitely part of the problem, but as surely, a necessary element of any transition to a more sustainable development. Hence, there is an urgent need to learn more about how to govern technical change.

“Systems perspectives on...” was initiated within Chalmers Energy Area of Advance. We set out to make a cross-disciplinary effort to evaluate technologies, in terms of benefits and drawbacks, and assess the technical, economic and political requirements for successful deployment and diffusion. We realised that this aim required something that was not only a product but also a process. The result is a series of evolving e-books. The ambition is to provide a platform for learning about systems issues related to critical technology areas. The series now comprises three books.

Systems Perspectives on Renewable Power

investigates the potential to harness renewable energy flows to replace non-renewables and satisfy the varying demands for electrical power.

Systems Perspectives on Electromobility

elaborates on the consequences and requirements of a transition to a transport system powered by electricity.

Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries

explores the potential and desirability of biomass as carbon and energy feedstock in the numerous applications currently relying on fossil fuels.

At this point we can conclude that, while there are still plenty of hurdles to pass and pitfalls to avoid, the future is not without hope.

Björn Sandén