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Events for prospective Master's students

Join Chalmers on digital events

Chalmers International Student Recruitment team tours the world attending several international education fairs and exhibitions to meet new prospective 'Chalmerists' such as yourselves. However, in light of the current situation with the pandemic, we will not attend any face-to-face fairs and events at the moment, but you can meet us on a number of virtual events. Come meet us at these events and find out everything about Master's studies at Chalmers University of Technology. We can provide you with information on Master's programmes, fees, scholarships, advice on how to start the application process and much more.

We also conduct webinars during the application process and pre-departure events for our newly admitted Master's students - Chalmerists. During these events, you can learn more about the next steps in the admission process, about practical aspects related to your journey to Sweden, and meet other Chalmerists - both current students and alumni. The concerned students will receive an invitation via email.

The calendar is updated continuously.

Digital Events 2021 for prospective students

​Date​ ​Event and registration ​Region
​2 September QS Connect Master's ​Brazil
​11 September 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​Mexico
18 September 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​Turkey
​22 September 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​Central Asia
​2 October 2021 Study in Sweden ​South East Asia
6 October 2021 Study in Sweden Americas
​7 October 2021 Colfuturo Connect Live ​Colombia
​9 October 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​France
​9 October 2021 Study in Sweden ​Africa, Europe, Middle East
​11 October 2021 Webinar: #WeAreChalmers (Watch recording) ​Worldwide
​13 October 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair Northern Italy
​​13 October 2021​ Study in Sweden (China)
Study in Sweden (East Asia)
​East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) 
14 October 2021 FUNED Connect Live Mexico
​20 October 2021 Webinar: Application Walkthrough - Chalmers​ ​Worldwide
​21 October 2021 Webinar: What does it fee​l like to study at Chalmers? (Part 1)​ (Watch recording)​ ​Worldwide
21 October 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair Greece
23 October 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair Taiwan
​23 October 2021 ​QS Virtual Master's Fair ​Germany & Austria
​23 October 2021 ​Study in Sweden ​Indian subcontinent
​25 October 2021 Webinar: What does it feel like to study at Chalmers? (Part 2) (Watch recording) ​Worldwide
​25 October 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​Thailand
​3 November 2021 ​Webinar: Life after Chalmers ​Worldwide
​9 November 2021 QS Virtual Master's Fair ​South Korea
​10 November 2021 ​Webinar: Application Walkthrough with Chalmers Admissions Office ​Worldwide
​12 - 13 November 2021 European Higher Education Fair​ ​Indonesia
​14 November 2021 QS Connect Master's ​Indonesia
​17 November 2021 QS Virtual STEM Summit ​Latin America
​20 November 2021 ​Study in Sweden ​​Uganda
​22 - 26 November 2021 ​Chalmers digital master's Fair 2021 ​Worldwide
​1 December 2021 ​Webinar: Application Walkthrough ​Worldwide
​4 December 2021 QS Virtual STEM Summit ​EMEA
​8 December 2021 ​Webinar: Tracks: A flexible and interdisciplinary approach to education at Chalmers ​Worldwide
​13 December 2021 ​Webinar: Student Accommodation and Cost of Living ​Worldwide
​15 December 2021 ​​Webinar: Social Life at Chalmers ​Worldwide
​22 December 2021 ​Webinar: Applica​tion Q&A with Chalmers Admissions Office ​Worldwide
​12 January 2022 Webinar: Application Q&A with Chalmers Admissions Office ​Worldwide
​19 January 2021 Webinar: Application Q&A with Chalmers Admissions Office ​Worldwide

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