Bachelor's studies

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Students with selfiestick oitside Chalmers, Campus Johanneberg.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the best-known and highest-rated universities in Sweden. We offer around 30 bachelor’s programmes, and each year thousands of the best students from around the country begin their studies here. With a full range of programmes in engineering, science, shipping and architecture, Chalmers is a key player in providing Swedish industry with the talent it needs. Multiple generations of prominent Swedish engineers, scientists and CEOs have been educated here since the founding in 1829.

All the bachelor’s programmes are conducted in Swedish, and therefore fluency in Swedish or another Scandinavian language is required. In order to study one of these programmes you must prove formal knowledge of the Swedish language equivalent to the upper secondary course Swedish 3/B.

The fifth semester of bachelor’s programmes is done in English, and students have an opportunity to do an exchange period abroad.

If you have further questions concerning undergraduate studies at Chalmers, please contact our study guidance:

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