Shegai group

The scientific interests, goals and area of expertise of the Shegai group can be briefly summarized as nanoscale light-matter interactions.

About the group

Our aim is to investigate fundamental and quantum optical aspects of light matter-interactions, as well as to develop practical applications in e.g. surface-enhanced spectroscopies and sensing. The benchmark of the group is experimental facilities and experience that allows us to perform experiments on a single nanoparticle – single molecule level.
Our recent activities include plasmon-exciton interactions, strong coupling phenomena, non-linear and low temperature single particle imaging and spectroscopy, surface-enhanced Raman scattering and fluorescence microscopy. 
We are always looking for passionate and talented Master students, PhDs and postdocs!
If you are interested in our research write directly to research group leader Timur Shegai.



Timur Shegai
  • Professor, Nano and Biophysics, Physics