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Master's projects

Charge transfer phenomena in solar energy devices

Charge transfer phenomena will be studied in variety of solar energy devices (photovoltaic and photocatalytic) by pump-probe plasmon spectroscopy. For the purposes of the experiment, optical excitation spectrum of an array of PNP will be measured when simultaneously and independently generating photoexcited (hot) electrons in the vicinity of the particles.

Contact: Dinko Chakarov

Understanding catalysts by quantum mechanical calculations

We have several open projects where we want to use quantum mechanical calculations to understand catalytic reactions. The projects can be grouped in to main areas. One area concerns reduction of NOx. NO and NO2 are produced in combustion energies. They are poisonous and by use of catalysts converted into nitrogen and water. The emerging technology for this process is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Promising materials for this catalytic reaction are zeolites spiced with small copper or iron clusters. We want to enhance the performance with respect to activity and durability of such catalysts by exploring new catalyst materials and concepts. The other main area is oxidation of CO and hydrocarbons over metal nanoparticles. In this project, we investigate the novel structural and electronic properties of nanoparticles to design catalysts with new functionality.

Contact: Henrik Grönbeck

Evaluation of the mean-field assumption in models of catalytic reactions

Mathematical model of catalytic reaction has proven very successful in providing insights as to the reaction at hand. However, as always, mathematical models contain approximations that might be sever. Approximations such as random adsorbate distributions, equal catalytic sites and mean-field interactions are known to be questionable at best, but there remains a systematic evaluation. The task is to critically evaluate basic assumption made in most mathematical model of catalytic reactions. As methodology a kinetic Monte-Carlo model will be compared with micro-kinetic models using the mean-field approximation.

Contact: Anders Hellman


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