Microstructure Physics

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Chalmers Material Analysis Laboratory

Our research focuses on materials and what affects their properties. Mainly we deal with materials that are industrially applied. A few examples are steels for high temperatures as in thermal power stations, cutting tool coatings, nickel base alloys for airplane engines and alloys used in the nuclear industry.

About the division

The goal can be efficient power production, improved production economy, decreased environmental impact or improved safety. In order to understand the materials’ properties and how these are affected by how the materials are produced and how they change in service, we study the materials from the macroscopic scale down to the atomic scale. This is achieved by using advanced methods like electron microscopy, atom probe tomography and micro-mechanical testing, as well as performing experiments at synchrotron and neutron facilities like Max IV and ESS. In doing so we obtain an understanding of the material’s microstructure, that is how it is built-up regarding crystal structures, phases, grain size, et cetera. We can then understand how the microstructure is related to the properties, like strength and corrosion resistance.

We have a strong collaboration with Swedish companies and Swedish universities, but we are also active internationally, for example in EU projects.

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