Condensed Matter and Materials Theory

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The division of Condensed Matter and Materials Theory constructs models for and develops an understanding of a large variety of materials and other condensed matter systems, sometimes leading to new materials, novel technological devices, or structured media with properties beyond those occurring naturally. To this end, we combine theoretical, methodological and computational techniques, often in close collaboration with local and international experimental groups.

About the division

The work in the division is characterized by a strong interplay between fundamental and applied research and this allows us to address pressing societal challenges, e.g., related to sustainable energy or information technology.

We take active part in Chalmers’ undergraduate and postgraduate educational programmes. Our students gain experience in advanced theory and model-building, developing strong analytical, computational, and problem-solving skills along the way. They are exposed to collaborative efforts, often within our international research networks. Our vision is to foster the individual growth of our students, so they may in the future insightful and effectively contribute to society, academia, and industry.

We develop quantitative and microscopic theories of materials and other condensed matter systems, often using models that range from the electronic to the atomic scale and beyond. The electronic, optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of 2D materials are investigated and we coordinate the EU-financed Graphene Flagship project. We study and engineer the optical response of nanophotonic structured media such as metamaterials and plasmonic systems, as well as photoabsorbing materials for solar devices. Methods and software are being developed for atomic scale modelling of complex multi-component materials and are applied to a multitude of materials and material properties.

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