Johansson research group

Materials form the very foundation of our modern society and nowhere is the need for novel materials greater than in the area of sustainable electrochemical energy storage technologies. Batteries make possible our 24/7 use of nomadic devices as well as the electromobility revolution of electric vehicles: cars, busses, trucks, etc. We now foresee the need for next generation batteries to reach even better performance and sustainability – not the least for large-scale energy storage aiming at renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

In our everyday research our very international and young group of ca. 12 people strive together to create novel materials for next generation batteries, especially electrolytes, and to fundamentally understand them. This we achieve by combining advanced simulations and extensive experimental characterisation including operando studies with the making of lab cells for proper studies of device functionality. Prof. Johansson has been active in battery research since the early 1990’s in Sweden, US and France.

While further development the omnipresent Li-ion batteries continues to pose many interesting and urgent scientific questions – and we still are active in this area – our focus has clearly shifted to next generation batteries – with a horizon of 2030+. Today we are actively researching several next generation battery concepts: sodium-ion, potassium-ion, lithium-sulfur, calcium, magnesium and aluminium, etc. In all our R&D activities we have a large amount of national and international collaboration, for example within the Battery Alliance Sweden (BASE), EU/H2020: FET-Open CARBAT, Graphene Flagship Core 3, Co-Fund DESTINY, and BIG-MAP/Battery 2030+, and not the least within Alistore-ERI (CNRS FR3104) – Europe's largest industry-academia network within the field of modern battery research with Prof. Johansson as the current co-director. Our projects are often run with both Swedish and European industry involved.

We today attract an annual funding of ca. 1 M€ from many external sources; EU/H2020, Alistore-ERI, the Swedish Research Council (VR), the Swedish Energy Agency (EM), the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS) and the Swedish Innovation Agency (VINNOVA). At the same time we are active in and funded by many Chalmers Area of Advance: Materials Science, Energy and Transport.

We are often looking for talented people - new students as well as postdocs – to help us go forth in our endeavours. Interested and up to the challenge? Send your CV to Professor Patrik Johansson​.

Current members of the Johansson research group:

Prof. Patrik Johansson
Dr. Laura Loaiza
Dr. Vignesh Thangavel
Dr. Sajid Alvi
Dr. Soniya Rao
MSc. Fabian Årén
MSc. Martin Karlsmo​
MSc. Kasper Westman
MSc. Johanna Timhagen
MSc. Mirna Alhanash

Guest researchers:

MSc. Sanna Wickerts, MSA, Chalmers, Sweden
MSc. Hassna El-Bousiydy, UPJV, Amiens, France
MSc. Phuong Nam Le Pham, U. Montpellier, France
MSc. Juan Forero-Saboya, ICMAB, Barcelona, Spain
MSc. Mukhtiar Ahmed, LuTH, Luleå, Sweden
MSc. Lea Celine Meyer, Jena, Germany
MSc. Yanqi Xu, LuTH, Luleå, Sweden
MSc. John Brown, CdF/Sorbonne, Paris, France
MSc. Hafiz Ahmad Isfaq, NIC/LU, Ljubljana, Slovenia
MSc. Aginmariya Kottarathil, Warsaw UT, Poland