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We are working on electronic and atomic structure modeling of materials for semiconductor devices. Our primary focus is on halide perovskites for solar cells, metal oxides for water-splitting, and 2D materials for tunnel-effect field transistors.

About Wiktor group

Our main interests lie in understanding how physical phenomena, such as charge localization, dynamic disorder, and the formation of defects, impact the functioning of these devices. Through the utilization of realistic models, we aim to generate accurate predictions about the behavior of materials. Additionally, we actively collaborate with experimentalists to contribute to a better understanding of these physical phenomena. By combining theoretical insights with experimental data, we strive to advance our knowledge and facilitate a comprehensive understanding of these materials.

If you are interested in a Master's project, PhD position, postdoc opportunity, or collaboration, please feel free to reach out to Julia Wiktor.

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Julia Wiktor
  • Associate Professor, Condensed Matter and Materials Theory, Physics