Materials Processing Lab

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Material and processing lab

The Materials Processing Lab is designed to meet future needs of advanced research in manufacturing with special focus on facilities for metal cutting, polymer processing and powder metallurgical processing.

The assessment of surface integrity and the product oriented perspective in manufacturing process research are key factors in our manufacturing processing laboratory. Advanced materials characterization and testing of importance in mechanical engineering are therefor integrated in the facilities. Common workshop facilities are also connected to the laboratory.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilites to participate in our laboratory environment.




Additive manufacturing


Metal additive manufacturing. 


Metal additive manufacturing. 


Metal additive manufacturing. 


Turning, grinding and milling

EMCO Turn 365

CNC Turning machine. 

GF AgieCharmilles Mikron HPM 600 HD

Milling machine. 

Blohm Planomat HP408

Grinding machine. 


Polymer processing

Göttfert RG 20

Capillary rheometer. 

Brabender 19/25D (2022)

Single-screw extruder; Owned by Wellspect AB. 


Microscopy and material analysis

PHI700 Auger nanoprobe

Surface chemical analysis. 

PHI Versaprobe III XPS

Surface chemical analysis. 


Thermal anlysis. 

Rotation drum

Powder rheometer. 


Electron microscopy. 


Electron microscopy. 

Zeiss Gemini 450 FESEM

Electron microscopy. 


Lars Nyborg
  • Full Professor, Materials and Manufacture, Industrial and Materials Science