Production Service and Maintenance Systems

The area of Production Service and Maintenance Systems includes production system functionality and ability to consistently deliver competitive production services.

Production systems are becoming increasingly complex and require continuous advanced maintenance. Rapid flows, robustness against interference and high security are important target values. Statistical analysis, simulation and visualization create generic methods for broad application.

This is how we make an impact: 

  • Setting the agenda for Smart Maintenance
  • Spreading inspiration and knowledge about Smart Maintenance, e.g. in university and industry courses
  • Being the link between production and maintenance
  • Together with industry!

Swedish manufacturing industry is at half capacity

Production disturbances cost Swedish industry more than 100 billion SEK each year, with an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at just about 50 percent in average. Hence there are big efficiency gains to be made, and actors that don't use the potentials of digitalisation will have a hard time to cope in a global competitive market.

The manufacturing industry is in the middle of a comprehensive digitalisation journey and business all over the world are currently implementing concepts like Industry 4.0. This often leads to production systems with a higher grade of automation and vaster capabilities to automatically analyze states and make own decisions. There is also an increasing demand in the world for sustainable production.


Smart maintenance is the future of digitalised production

Smart maintenance will decrease downtime by improving the co-operation between production and maintenance organisations. This is made possible by for example shared methods, tools and a common production and maintenance planning. Since smart maintenance means that decisions are based on data, it also requires shared data and information sources.
To achieve higher efficiency in the manufacturing industry there is a need for a new way to work with maintenance. That is why we, the research group Production Service and Maintenance Systems, is gathering industry actors and researchers to develop new strategies for the maintenance of the future - smart maintenance in a digitalised production.

Smart maintenance is an organizational design for maintenance in a digitalised industry:

  • Decision making based on data
  • The collective competences of the maintenance staff are used
  • Maintenance is a part of the whole business internally
  • Maintenance is a part of the whole business externally

Increased capacity, robustness, and predictability mean a better economy, fewer risks for the staff and lower energy consumption. Smart maintenance is a part of a sustainable future.

Listen and watch about the future of maintenance


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