Laboratories and facilities at Industrial and Materials Science

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The department of Industrial and Materials Science has a high-quality laboratory structure and machine park. For some of the equipment it is possible to buy machine time. 

Composites Lab

Chalmers Composites Laboratory is a research and user facility providing basic and state-of-the-art instruments with relevance to composite materials processing and fabrication.

Graphene & functional material lab

The graphene & functional material lab is equipped for the synthesis, characterization, and processing of graphene and functional materials for various applications including batteries, supercapacitors, sensors, and water treatment. Please contact us for more information about the possibilites to participate in our laboratory environment.

Materials Processing Lab

The Materials Processing Lab is designed to meet future needs of advanced research in manufacturing with special focus on facilities for metal cutting, polymer processing and powder metallurgical processing.

Production Systems Lab

Chalmers’ Production Systems Laboratory will be an arena for research about next generation of workplaces. The challenge is to create intelligent production systems that support the Swedish industry with flexible and competitive solutions.

Rheology Laboratory

The Rheology Laboratory at IMS (Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter) comprises state-of-the art rheological characterisation infrastructure with a special focus on advanced methods such as nonlinear rheology and hyphenated rheological techniques.

Chalmers Rock Processing Lab

Many mining companies are interested in solutions that improve their processes. In the Rock Processing Lab there is the possibility of decomposing ore to different shapes and sizes. In addition, opportunities are given to investigate the energy utilization of the crushing process.

Stena Industry Innovation Lab

The Stena Industry Innovation Lab, or SII-Lab for short, offers top opportunities for the Swedish industry to test digitalized production of the future. Here, the engineers of the future will be trained and the industry is offered to test new technical possibilities in practical test beds.

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab provides opportunities for systematic studies of the interaction between human and computer interfaces. The research mainly concern different issues regarding HMI - or human-machine interaction - and the design of user interfaces.

Virtual Development Lab

The Virtual development laboratory supply an innovation environment in which researchers from the fields of manufacturing processes, production systems and product development work together with industry to develop new tools and approaches.