Chalmers Composites Laboratory

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Glove box

Chalmers Composites Laboratory is a research and user facility providing basic and state-of-the-art instruments with relevance to composite materials processing and fabrication. 

The laboratory is hosted by the Department of Industrial and Materials Science and is open to all Chalmers and Gothenburg University researchers on equal terms. We are also more than happy to welcome external users from academia as well as industry. 

The primary aim of the laboratory is to provide resources for conducting excellent research but also to be a meeting place for researchers and students. This will contribute to a multi-disciplinary way of addressing scientific challenges and to channel technology transfer and information exchange with society at large. In addition, Chalmers Composites Laboratory seeks to improve the visibility of lightweight materials at Chalmers and the quality of education and outreach activities.

It is our vision that the multitude of advanced and basic processing and fabrication equipment, professional technical support staff and an excellent research environment will provide unique possibilities for conducting world-class lightweight materials research.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilites to participate in our laboratory environment.

Glove box

Vigor glovebox with ultra-low leak rate (<0.001% vol% /hr). Single sided with three butyl rubber gloves, dimensions: 1500(W)x750(D)x900(H)mm. 7” High resolution color tough screen with graphical interface. Single gas purifier containing high capacity organic solvent absorber and high capacity O2 and H20 purifier. Energy efficient on demand circulation, controlled by oxygen and/or moisture sensors. One large antechamber (diameter 370mm, length 600 mm). One mini antechamber (diameter 150 mm, length 300mm). Several feedthroughs (10 x pin, 5 x BNC cables etc.)


Press Forming

WICKERT WLP 250 S Hydraulic Press: pressing force 3000kN, heating platen size 600x600mm, heating platen temp range room temp to 250 degree C, daylight 300 mm. The press includes computerized controls that can be used to schedule temperature and pressure cycles. The platens have 18 internal thermostats used to regulate the temperature.

Additional equipment that can be used includes thermocouple sensors (National Instruments cDAQ-9174 USB Chassis and NI 9212 Input Module) and pressure sensing network (Tactilus 4.0, 32 channel fully calibrated pressure sensing network with discreate thin sensors).


Deben micro tester

MICROTEST 2kN & 5kN modules have been specifically designed to allow real time observation of the high stress region of a sample with an SEM, optical microscope, AFM or XRD system. Windows 7.0/10.0 software sets drive parameters and displays the stress/strain curve live on the computer screen. Loadcells from 150N to 5kN cover most applications, with extension rates from 0.005mm/min to 50mm/min. All stages have linear scales for elongation measurement and optical encoders for speed control. Options include three and four point bending clamps, fibre clamps and microscope mounting adaptors. Modules are controlled from Microtest tensile testing software and special versions can be manufactured to customers requirements.


Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding equipment available in the Chalmers Composites Laboratory includes. Vacuum pumps, vacuum bag, resin infusion silicon connectors, spiral tubes, PVC vacuum hose, peel ply, infusion mesh, gum tape, aluminum and glass molds, release film, bleeder, vacuum hose connector, resin infusion line clamp, catch pot, vacuum degassing chamber.


Small, Medium and Large Ovens

Small, Medium and Large Ovens are available:

  • The medium oven is a Jomo Mekaniska AB nr. 2569. The inner dimension are as follows: (width: 800 mm; depth 800 mm and height 800 mm). The temperature controls can go from 40 - 250 degrees C.
  • The large oven (HYBE – Electroheat AB) has inner dimensions as follows: (width: 1000 mm; depth 2000 mm and height 1200 mm)

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging equipment available in the Chalmers Composites Laboratory includes the same equipment as listed under VARTM, but can be used alternatively with composite prepreg.


Diamond wet saw

Water cooled diamond blade extending composites chop saw features a high torque, fan-cooled motor and one-piece unitized steel frame. The linear guide bar system provides precise cutting on the entire length of the cut. The blade guard has been engineered to provide optimal water flow and is wide enough to accommodate a profile wheel.


DLC drill press

Multifunctional standalone drill press with Diamond Like Coated (DLC) bits.


Composites belt sander

Standalone belt sander for composites finishing work.


Emelie Seignér
  • Research Engineer, Material and Computational Mechanics, Industrial and Materials Science