Applied Acoustics

Sound and vibration is part of our daily life, and its properties are critical to the function and the quality of environments, products, and transportation. Today the design of high-speed trains, automotive vehicles, transport infrastructure, cities and buildings is strongly influenced by performance requirements with respect to sound and vibration properties.

The division of Applied Acoustics is one of the leading acoustic laboratories in Europe. Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable built environment and infrastructure as well as to support European industry in the development of products and services with appropriate sound and vibration properties. 

Research areas

The research within the division is is organised in two research groups:

  • The Audio Technology research group
  • The Vibroacoustics research group

Strong research areas within those groups are:

  • Prediction and Design of Urban Sound Environments
  • Rolling Noise (tyre/road and wheel/rail) and related aspects such as Rolling Resistance and Safety
  • Vehicle Acoustics
  • Human Perception of Sound (primarily restoration, and emotion experiences)
  • Sound Design and Audio Tehnology

During the recent years the division has initiated and coordinated several European projects and has been host for the MISTRA project “Soundscape Support to Health”. 


We host the only Swedish MSc programme on Sound and Vibration, which covers a wide spectrum of the discipline acoustics. Read more at: 

We run a graduate school in Applied Acoustics and are also coordinating a European research school, the Initial Training Network on the theme of Urban Sound Planning read more att