WACQT Lab Course 2023

The course consists of four experimental labs, including preparatory lectures and exercises. Each lab will be performed at a different university and last in total two to three days. 

The aim of the course is to give the participating graduate students a hands-on experience of basic quantum technology experiments. By performing different experiments at the Swedish universities participating in WACQT, the students will also get an overview of the quantum technology research performed in Sweden and establish valuable contacts with colleagues working in the field.

After a completed course the students should have acquired 
  • basic knowledge about quantum technology research performed at Swedish universities.
  • detailed knowledge about four central quantum technology concepts.    
  • skills to perform, with some supervision, basic quantum technology experiments.

Credit points: 6 hp (1,5 hp/lab)
Semester: Fall 2023

Quantum Information in Superconducting Circuits
University: Chalmers
Responsible: Giovanna Tancredi, Simone Gasparinetti
Dates: 4-6th of October

Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Key Distribution
University: Linköping
Responsible: Jan Åke Larsson, Guilherme Xavier, Niklas Johansson
Date: 25-26 October

Quantum Information with Photons and Atoms
University: KTH & SU
Responsible: Katia Gallo @KTH, Markus Hennrich @SU
Dates: 27-29 November

Quantum information with attosecond light pulses
University: Lund
Responsible: Anne l’Huiller and others
Date: 12-13th of December