Summer Internship in WACQT

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quantum technology

Due to a generous grant from Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg’s foundation WACQT will offer funding for up to 12 summer internships in quantum technology (QT), each one up to 2.5 months.

The application should be done by the researcher who wants to hire the summer worker, which should be an undergraduate student. Please note that the funding follows the usual rules from Wallenberg foundations regarding OH, implying that you will need to provide some co-funding to cover the full cost.
In the application you specify the project in maximum 500 words and also the maximum length of the project if you request less than 2.5 months. Applicants should be employed by a Swedish University, if you are not permanently employed or tenure track, you need a senior faculty member to co-sign the application. The projects will be evaluated by the WACQT Graduate School Committee according to the following criteria:

Overall aims:

  • To strengthen QT undergraduate education by giving more students a hands-on experience in QT.
  • To further stimulate interaction between the QT researchers and undergraduate students.

Criteria for evaluation:

  • Concerns research topic in QT – please check the description of QT below or at
  • Gives summer worker good preparation/motivation/knowledge for master/doctoral QT studies.
  • Helps attracting highly qualified students to QT educations/programs/tracks.
  • Supports early career QT researchers.

We will reimburse actual salary costs up to a maximum of 2.5 months, and according to the OH regulations of the Wallenberg foundations. The claim for reimbursements should be sent in the beginning of 2025 and there should be only one claim from each university. More exact instructions will be given to the successful applicants.

“Quantum Technology (QT) builds on the quantum mechanical concepts of superposition and entanglement to deliver technology that supplies a qualitatively new level of computational power, qualitatively new and secure ways of communication and unprecedented measurement sensitivity and accuracy”.