Participants of Wallenbergs fysikpris
​Image: Adam Arvidsson

They are ready for an Olympic challenge in physics

The best physics students from Swedish upper secondary schools visited the Gothenburg Physics Centre 12-16 March to compete for five places in the International Physics Olympiad in Lisbon, Portugal 21-29 July 2018. The week in Gothenburg also offered lots of seminars, workshops, study visits, experimental work and social activities.
” It is with pleasure I note that the participants enjoyed their stay with us and that the week encouraged to future studies in physics, not the least in Gothenburg. I’ve met several participants from previous years who are now studying physics here with us", says Jonathan Weidow, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics at Chalmers and one of the organisers of the week.

The Physics Olympiad in Sweden is arranged by the Swedish Physical Society, with financial support from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation. The Swedish award is known as the Wallenberg Physics Prize.
The students did some experimental tests during the week at the Gothenburg Physics Centre. On 25-27 April the competitions will continue in Estonia. After that we will know the names of the five who will represent Sweden in Lisbon.

In addition to the competing students, some of the most talented female students in the second year of their upper secondary studies took part of the physics week in Gothenburg as VIP guests. The aim is to encourage them to take part of the competition next year.
“I really appreciated the week. I have learned a lot and it was nice to meet students from all over Sweden who also love physics,” says Johanna Odbratt, one of the invited students. 

The last day the whole group enjoyed a very special ice-cream. The delicious dessert was ready-made in a minute - thanks to liquid nitrogen. The students also tried to dip biscuits into the substance, resulting in lots of cold smoke flowing out of the mouth. Check out the experiment here!
Text: Mia Halleröd Palmgren,

The Swedish Radio reported from the last day of the week in Gothenburg. Listen to the report (in Swedish) here. (The report starts after 23 seconds in the clip.)

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Published: Mon 26 Mar 2018. Modified: Wed 28 Mar 2018